Rye Blooms Membership Offer

With the current wind and rain it is hard to believe that Spring and Summer are
not too far away but if we are all going to make RYE BLOOMS a success we

need to start preparing to get the show on the road.
Rye Blooms is for the benefit of the town
and its commercial success in recovery, please join in.

Rye Chamber have received approval for a grant towards this project from
Rother District Council which we need to match fund. This can partially be done

from a. Rye Town Council Grant and a donation from the Rye Conservation Society.

The Chamber is able to offer Members

fully planted 14” willow hanging baskets for £12.50 each

This cost will count towards match funding.

The baskets will be planted specially for the Chamber by Garden Gems at the end
of March/early April to be delivered to businesses in May. The plants will be
established by then with further growing to do over the following weeks.

14” Hanging basket brackets are available for £4.50 (includes 10% discount)

Easy up pulleys £7.20 (includes 10% discount)

If your premises are not suitable to take hanging baskets and you would prefer
containers and/or plants the Chamber can arrange a 10% discount for you from Garden Gems.

The number of hanging baskets on offer for £12.50 is limited

Bookings will be on a first come basis.

Please email your order now to ryechamber31@gmail.com

Please note the special offer for baskets and the 10% discount is only available

for your business premises.