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Rye Chamber Of Commerce Code of Conduct

Rye Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating a community for members which is inclusive, diverse and respectful. It is important that our members always behave with integrity, and create an environment where members feel welcome and respected during all Chamber events, activities and interactions. 


As part of this commitment, we do not accept discrimination, disrespectful or threatening behaviour of any type between or towards any individual or organisation engaged with the Chamber or attending Chamber events.


Membership of and/or participation in events, meetings and activities of the Chamber are subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Code of Conduct.

The obligations and responsibilities of all members of the Chamber are as follows:

  • To engage in Chamber events in a professional manner, acting with integrity and respect. 

  • To respect the right of Chamber officers, members and guests to a safe environment when attending events, meetings or activities hosted or facilitated by the Chamber, free from harassment, abuse or discrimination.

  • To ensure that communication with Chamber officers and members is reasonable and professional.

  • Not to incite or condone discrimination including that based on race, nationality, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.

  • Not to publish – via any form of electronic communication, social media or similar platform – messages, statements or images involving the Chamber which are political, malicious, inflammatory, critical, derogatory, abusive or threatening.

  • Not to comment on behalf of the Chamber unless specifically requested or delegated to do so by the Chamber’s Chair or Vice Chair.

  • Not to act in such a way that the Chamber reasonably considers to be prejudicial to the interests or reputation of the Chamber.

How to contact us 

If you want to ask about our code of conduct,  you can email us or write to our Registered Office:


Rye and District Chamber of Commerce Ltd

The Old Cinema
Fishmarket Road


East Sussex  TN31 7LP


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